• Nes/Famicom: A visual compendium

    With its cutting edge graphics and extensive catalogue of iconic games, the NES/Famicom played a huge part in the history of videogaming. VALUE: 35€

  • Limited Controllers

    Gears 5 Xbox One X Limited Edition bundle featuring a chilly rendition of the iconic Crimson Omen on the console and a metallic effect controller. VALUE: 499€

  • Artorias the Abysswalker

    Highly detailed base inspired by the theme & style from the Dark Souls game. VALUE: 580€


    This started as a hobby for us. Now video game collecting has evolved into a business with significant investment value.

Best Video Game Auctions

A tool for video game lovers, collectors and investors

Best Video Games Auctions is a website that offers to users outstanding video game auctions. We make a worldwide selection of the most productive, interesting and relevant sales to our knowledge, which are produced in different sales platforms such as: eBay in all its markets, Yahoo! Auctions, TodoColección, Heritage Auctions, Tradera, Mbok, Rakuten, Wallapop, Catawiki and similar.

The operation is very simple: the user can choose from a general search to more specific filtering by region, company, platform and genre. Depending on the result of the search, it may be ordered according to price, date of expiration, etc. Each auction has a direct link to the portal that made the purchase.

The deep database of Best Video Game Auctions aims to put in a very simple way for the user sales from all over the world and be able to compare them in a matter of seconds. Thus, it might become an essential tool for all lovers of video games and collectibles as the market requires knowledge and tuning in the different parameters on which a sale price or item value is based

Not only will there be completed auctions but also available in real time before their expiration. To be up to date you can subscribe to our newsletter

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Our staff is formed by authentic passionate people about video games, both in collecting and market situation. The selected auctions are always based on articles that, in our opinion, deserve to be taken into account.
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